Game Changer

Knee Braces have a history of being big, bulky and in many ways overbearing on the user. While it’s able to keep the knee from moving, many current braces are uncomfortable for many reasons. Either they can’t fully conform to the knee, limit all flexibility by covering the entire leg, aren’t able to fit properly over clothing or slide down the leg as you’re wearing the brace. Ovation Medical’s Game Changer Premium Universal OA Knee Brace has changed the way a knee brace can be worn as you heal from your injury. This simply designed brace wraps comfortably from the thigh to the upper calf, assuring the user the ability to comfortably wear shorts. It also has a sleak design, leaving room for you to wear either over or under a pant leg. Four durable straps wrap around the upper and lower leg for added security, while the high-quality buckles keep the locking mechanisms in place for the duration of your wear time. A Condyle Pad is placed outside and directly next to the knee, giving the user a central point when putting it on and a little extra protection against an outside agent injuring your knee further. This item will effectively offload both medial and lateral compartments of the knee with a simple turn of a key, thus relieving OA knee pain. It’s super intuitive and easy to use.