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doctor_patientSEE THE TRAINER’S Stock & Bill program offers comprehensive functional bracing and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) inventory management, billing and collections. It’s an excellent way to improve your orthopedic practice’s selection with absolutely zero up-front cost.  It allows you to provide your patients with the high-quality soft goods they require—and without all the time-consuming headaches of tracking inventory and billing insurance and then collecting.

Quite simply, SEE THE TRAINER assumes responsibility for the upkeep of your soft goods area.  A representative from SEE THE TRAINER will regularly monitor your inventory and take care of all the ordering and restocking of items.  So instead of your staff having to place piecemeal orders to multiple vendors, you automatically receive a single, consolidated shipment that fulfills all of your soft goods needs.  

Key Features

  • ZERO upfront costs
  • A selection of vendor-neutral products from over 80 mfgrs
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Vehicle delivery fleet
  • Ideal for practices with limited storage space
  • Over 60,000 orthopedic products to choose from
  • Requires no software upgrades or systems syncing

As part of the Stock & Bill service, our medical billing specialists take responsibility for all insurance billing and follow up associated with the soft goods dispensed from your facility.  We’ll submit claims and track down problems as they arise.

We also offer competitive pricing based upon Medicare allowable limits.  As an authorized Medicare provider, as well as a provider for many insurance companies, we have the ability to accommodate almost all of your patients.  And if your patients don’t have health insurance coverage, SEE THE TRAINER accepts all major credit cards and we offer convenient, reasonable payment options to your patients. SEE THE TRAINER has established excellent relations with over 1,600 insurers–both large and small–throughout the country 

Maximizing patient care, containing costs and maintaining profitability are the primary responsibilities for practitioners today.  With the current situation in healthcare, maintaining an orthopedic softgoods closet is often a drain on resources and profit.  The SEE THE TRAINER Stock & Bill program allows your staff more time to concentrate on patient care and less on inventory management and billing.

The SEE THE TRAINER Advantage.

SEE THE TRAINER has extensive experience in managing Stock & Bill programs for large practices, as well as major hospitals and university hospital systems.  We’d be happy to provide you with references from our many satisfied customers.

SEE THE TRAINER is country’s leading soft goods and bracing products provider.  In addition, we have the region’s largest customer support staff, ready to help customers with their inventory and patient issues.  SEE THE TRAINER is an accredited member of the American Board for Certification Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABCOP), staffed with Certified Orthotic Fitters (CFo), accredited by the federal government and is in full HIPAA compliance.

Want to Get Started?

We’re positive that our Stock-&-Bill service will save you time and money.  Email us at to schedule a free practice evaluation.

Provide your patients with the best products while avoiding the complicated task of managing inventory. We take the hassle out of Inventory Management!